Policy Manual

Facility Reservations

Facility Reservations

The Department of Continuing Education and Public Services, through its Facility Reservations Office, has been designated as the campus department with responsibility for the reservation of university space and facilities for all non-academic or non-credit activities.  Requests for facilities can be made for internal, external, or co-sponsored activities. By policy, all requests for the use of university facilities for non-academic or non-credit activities must be submitted through R25, the university’s event scheduling software, for processing. 

The Facility Reservation Process

Facility requests should be made to the Department of Continuing Education and Public Services, through the Facility Reservations Office, by using the R25 event scheduling system.  Please do not email or phone the Facility Reservations staff or make requests directly to the building managers as this confuses the process and creates additional work.  It is recommended that all requests be submitted to the Facility Reservations Office at least seven (7) business days prior to the date of the event.

Before submitting a request, it is recommended to view the university's R25 WebViewer which provides a real time display of all of the credit courses and non-academic events that have been scheduled into campus facilities.  The WebViewer allows access to the schedules showing which facilities may be available and helps determine if there are other events that might compete for audiences or campus support services.  Then, to reserve campus facilities, complete the online Facility Request Form by clicking on the My Requests link at the top of the WebViewer page.

When facility requests are received by the Facility Reservations Office, they are forwarded through R25 to the appropriate building manager for review and approval or denial.  Building managers are to reply to Facility Reservations within 48 hours of receiving a facility request.  The building manager will evaluate each request, taking into consideration the following:

  1. Availability of space for date(s) requested
  2. Suitability of the event for the requested location
  3. Number of persons expected to attend the event
  4. Presence of alcohol
  5. Duration of the event

Once reviewed, the building manager will approve or deny the request online through R25, noting any special instructions that may apply to the use of the facility.  Upon receipt, Facility Reservations will notify the event coordinator online through R25 that the request for space has been confirmed or denied. Because requests require review by a building manager, please allow at least three (3) business days for processing.

Service-related needs such as audio-visual equipment, food, housing, moving, and/or security should be indicated on the R25 request.  Facility Reservations will forward this information to the appropriate service offices to give them advanced notice of all of the needs.  Event organizers will still be responsible for making specific arrangements directly with the service units and will be responsible for notifying the service units if there are any changes to the original request.  These offices require a minimum notice of five business days. 

In the event a requested facility is not available, Facility Reservations can assist in finding another appropriate location. 

Please understand that facility requests are not deemed approved until an official confirmation from Facility Reservations has been provided via R25. 

Priority Order for Reserving Facilities

Events are booked per the following space access priority order:

  • Georgia College academic credit programs
  • Georgia College programmatic functions (continuing education courses, camps, conferences, athletic events, student activities, etc.)
  • Georgia College student organization activities
  • Public service/governmental events
  • Georgia College personal use events
  • Non-Georgia College events

If two or more facility requests are received at the same time, the above priority list is used to determine which events receive top priority for the requested facilities.  Once requests are received and confirmed, they will not be canceled to accommodate requests submitted at a later date, even though those requests might have a higher priority.  In other words, the priority list is not to be used as a tool for "bumping" activities which have been previously confirmed and scheduled.  This highlights the critical need for planning events and requesting facilities well in advance.

Facility Requests for Future Semesters in Academic Locations*

Academic classes are a priority at Georgia College.  Requests to use classrooms and/or academic locations Monday through Friday for future semesters cannot be confirmed or denied until the academic class schedule has been set, as this policy protects classroom locations to ensure adequate spaces are available for course scheduling.

  • Once the registration period for the future academic semester has ended, the facility reservations office will begin processing requests for any events beginning at 5 p.m. or later. 
  • Requests to reserve facilities between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. will not be processed until after the drop/add period of the future semester.

All facility requests submitted for future semesters will be kept in queue until the above deadlines have passed. Once the calendar is finalized and the above deadlines have passed, all submitted requests will be processed in the order they were received. Unfortunately, this can create delays at the beginning of a semester, as there is typically a backlog of facility requests waiting to be confirmed or denied as soon as the academic calendar has been finalized.

*It is important to note that these policies only apply to academic locations in future semesters.  Non-academic locations such as the Student Activities Center and Donahoo Lounge can be reserved for future semesters as these facilities do not house academic classes.

 Official University Events (Internal Requests for Facilities)

An official university event is defined as an event coordinated by an official Georgia College unit, organization, or group as recognized in the official structure of the university.  The event must be directly associated with the university responsibilities and mission of the requesting entity.  Examples of official university events would be college/departmental meetings, graduation, convocation, continuing education courses, athletic competitions and practices, intramurals, Department of Music and Theatre rehearsals and performances, etc.

Activities that fall under this category are exempt from usage fees except for any catering, Public Safety, staff overtime, or special equipment-related costs.

Co-sponsorship of Events by Campus Departments and Student Organizations

A co-sponsored event is defined as an event in which the external sponsor is directly associated with an official Georgia College sponsoring unit, organization, or group as recognized in the official structure of the university. The event must be directly associated with the university responsibilities and mission of the Georgia College requesting entity.  (By itself, the presence or involvement of Georgia College students in an event is not sufficient to justify co-sponsorship of an external event.)  Examples of legitimate co-sponsored events would be high school one-act play competitions co-sponsored by the Department of Theatre and Allied Arts performances co-sponsored by the Georgia College Arts Unlimited Committee.

Examples of situations in which a legitimate claim of co-sponsorship may not be justified include:

  • A student organization that "co-sponsors" an event for a local business because one of the organization's students works at the business
  • A campus department that "co-sponsors" meetings of a civic organization simply because several Georgia College employees are members of the civic organization
  • A campus department that "co-sponsors" a local pageant which has no apparent or substantial connection to the mission of the department
  • A campus department that justifies co-sponsoring an external event by noting that Georgia College students are being paid to work the event

University departments and student organizations are not to use co-sponsorship simply as a means of providing external entities with free access to Georgia College facilities.  The Department of Continuing Education and Public Services has been charged with the responsibility for monitoring claims of co-sponsorship and will deny claims which do not have a reasonable connection with the responsibilities and mission of the requesting entity.  Appeals of denied co-sponsorship claims may be made to the Associate Vice President for Extended University who, along with the Vice President of Administrative Services & Campus Operations, will make a final determination. 

Activities that fall under this category are exempt from usage fees except for any catering, Public Safety, staff overtime, or special equipment-related costs.

Facility Rentals (External or Non-GC Related Facility Requests)

Requests for the use of Georgia College facilities from external groups or from internal groups wanting to use facilities for personal or non-Georgia College related reasons will pay the standard facility usage fees as found in the approved University Fee Schedule.  These are programs and activities organized by individuals, groups, businesses, or organizations not included in the organizational structure of the University.  Examples include weddings, receptions, charity events, corporate meetings, seminars, conferences, social activities, etc. 

All external requests for Georgia College facilities and related services will be made to the Department of Continuing Education and Public Services, through the Facility Reservations Office. 

Activities that fall in this category are responsible for full usage fees including facility rental, staff overtime, catering, Public Safety, or any other special event-related costs. Fees vary per room, building, and service, and charges can be found in the approved University Fee Schedule.

Internal University organizations are not permitted to negotiate the use of university facilities or services with external organizations except in coordination with the Department of Continuing Education and Public Services. 

Fees and Services

With certain exceptions detailed below, rental fees are charged for all uses of campus facilities by external entities and by anyone using campus facilities for business or personal reasons not related to Georgia College and its mission. Fees for the use of Georgia College facilities must be paid in advance of the event.  Fees can be paid via cash or check to the Facility Reservations Office.  Written receipts, facility confirmations from R25, and rules and regulations for using campus facilities are provided to the event organizer upon the receipt of payment.  Event organizers will be required to sign a Georgia College approved agreement, acknowledging these rules, regulations, fees, and other important rental information.

Requests to cancel the use of a facility must be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled date, or no refunds will be issued.  Refunds will be issued if weather or other natural causes prevent the use of facilities – for example, a group that rents the Georgia College outdoor pool will not be penalized financially if thunderstorms prevent the pool from safely opening.

While official university and Georgia College-sponsored events are exempt from rental fees, all facility users including campus units and student organizations may be charged for the actual direct expenses incurred in support of their events.  Such charges could include overtime for custodians, electricians, Public Safety officers, and other supervisory personnel, as well as purchases in support of events.  Some of these charges are detailed below. 

  • Security

    The use of Georgia College Public Safety personnel is required at all functions where alcohol is being consumed and at all other functions as deemed necessary by the Georgia College Director of Public Safety.  For alcohol functions it is recommended that there be a minimum of one (1) officer per 75 participants.  Public Safety officers shall be retained at the hourly rate of $45 per officer.  For external events, these charges will be in addition to all applicable rental fees. 

  • Support Services Personnel

    Events requiring the services of Georgia College custodians and/or electrical/HVAC technicians beyond the normal work day shall retain these services at the current hourly rate, plus any overtime, FICA, FICA Med, or other required benefits.  External events requiring these services during normal working hours will be charged the hourly rate (plus FICA/FICA Med) of the employee(s) providing the services.  These fees will be in addition to all applicable rental fees. 

  • Supervisory Fees

    Hourly supervisory fees may be charged for use of facilities prior to and following the normal operating schedule.  Rates are typically $20 per hour for each building monitor/supervisor required to be onsite, but rates may be higher for other professionals required to be onsite.  All supervisory fees will be detailed in the rental agreement.

  • Damage/Clean-Up

    Any cost for clean-up and/or repairs beyond that of normal use and wear shall be the responsibility of the user.  All fees assessed for damages and/or clean-up shall be made payable to Georgia College.

  • Media Equipment and Support

    Media equipment including portable sound systems, overhead projectors, video/data projection units, televisions, DVDs, and amplified podiums is available through Audio Visual Support Services at prevailing usage rates.

Reductions of Rental Fees

Local and state governmental agencies or nonprofit organizations shall be considered eligible for the reduced rates detailed in the fee schedule (typically 20%).  By IRS guidelines, Georgia College faculty/staff usage rates are limited to 20% discounts and are detailed in the fee schedule also.  Certain facilities, such as the Old Governor’s Mansion, do not allow discounts to faculty, staff, nonprofit organizations, or governmental agencies. 

Waivers of Rental Fees

Rental fees may be completely waived for local and state governmental agencies or Nonprofit organizations provided the events and organizations meet applicable criteria and follow the procedural guidelines as outlined below.  Sponsors of these events will still be responsible for all service-related costs surrounding their scheduled activity including costs associated with set-up, clean-up, supervision, media, and security. 

To be considered for a complete waiver of rental fees: 

  • The purpose of the event must positively impact the university or broader community or be a fund-raising event for a charity.
  • Individuals and for-profit businesses must not profit from the free use of campus facilities for the event.  (Fees may be charged to cover actual direct expenses of the event, but should not produce a profit for individuals or for-profit businesses.)    

Following is the procedure for requesting a waiver of rental fees: 

  • Before a waiver can be considered, a facility request form must be processed through the R25 event scheduling system.
  • Requests to waive event facilitation fees must be made to the Department of Continuing Education and Public Services in writing (e-mail requests are acceptable), stating the purpose for the event and the rationale for the rental fee waiver.
  • All requests will be reviewed and approved/denied by the Associate Vice President for Extended University.
  • Even if rental fees are waived, event organizers must meet with the Facility Reservations staff to determine if there will be service-related costs surrounding their scheduled activity including costs associated with set-up, clean-up, supervision, media, and security. 
  • The Old Governor's Mansion is not available for fund-raising activities.  

Insurance Requirements

Non-Georgia College sponsored events which are considered major events due to their purpose, program/event format, potential size of their audience, number of participants, or the area(s) they are scheduled to use may be required to show verification of insurance as follows: 

Personal Injury/Bodily Harm $1,000,000 Liability
Damage to Property $ 500,000 Liability

Proof of insurance must be verified prior to confirmation of space. 

Food Services/Catering

By contract, food and beverage service for all campus functions such as banquets, private parties, receptions, refreshment service, conferences, or other special events must be provided exclusively by Sodexo.  For more information on the specifics of the catering contract, contact Auxiliary Services at (478) 445-1976. 

Facility Use during Holidays

When the campus is closed and few support staff are present, there may be issues related to maintenance and custodial support, heating or cooling buildings, and opening, closing, or supervising facilities.  For those reasons, the university strongly discourages the use of campus facilities for non-academic events during holidays and other periods in which the campus is closed.  

Facilities will not be available for external (non-Georgia College sponsored) events during periods in which the campus is closed.   

Organizers of co-sponsored events should have strong justification for why their events should occur while the campus is closed.  Organizers of approved co-sponsored events may be required to pay for utilities if utilities are normally off during the time period of the events, and will be required to pay for any university support staff brought back from annual or holiday leave to support the events.