Policy Manual

Changelog----Academic Affairs


  1. Updated the link to the "New Course Proposal" Topic. October 31, 2011, Matthew B.
  2. Removed reference to 9 month and 10 month contracts for faculty conversion from quarter to semester. "Faculty Reporting to Work" Topic. November 10, 2011, Matthew B.
  3. Updated the J. Whitney Bunting College of Business By-Laws by adding "Election of Senators" section. Update approved 1-6-12 by the College of Business Faculty. January 26, 2012, Matthew B.
  4. Added "On an annual basis, the provost will communicate with the campus on their opportunity to participate in the evaluation of academic administrators." to Academic Administrators Performance Evaluations section. January 31, 2012, Matthew B.
  5. Removed GCSU from the "Faculty Awards" section. February 2, 2012, Matthew B.
  6. Added new policy "Electronic Recording Policy." Passed by University Senate April 20, 2012. Matthew B.
  7. Added "Board of Regents Credit Hour Requirements" to the "New Program Proposal Procedures" section. April 27, 2012, Matthew B.
  8. Add  to "Faculty Status" the following language, "Individuals holding positions with faculty status are eligible for the Optional Retirement Plan and may attend and speak at any faculty meeting, but may not vote."  1213.FAPC.001.O. Approved by University President October 24, 2012.  November 12, 2012, Matthew B.
  9. Added "Class Scheduling and Common Meeting Time Policy" to Academic Policies Procdures and Resources section.  February 4, 2013, Matthew B.
  10. Updated "Compensation, Part-time Faculty" to include new requirements for Background Checks for part-time faculty.  July 25, 2013, Matthew B.
  11. Update College of Arts and Sciences and College of Health Sciences By-Laws supplied by the respective Deans' Office.  August 1, 2013, Matthew B.
  12.  Updated "Facilities Reservations" section per request from Director of Continuing Education and Public Services.  September 30, 2013, Matthew B.
  13. Update "Extended University-Camps" section per request from Director of Continuing Education and Public Services. March 21, 2014, Matthew B.
  14. Added IT Procedure for Handling Student Complaints per request from Information Security & Compliance Officer. March 27, 2014, Matthew B.
  15. Added Lecturer to Senior Lecturer to Promotion Policies, per request from Associate Provost, April 17, 2014, Matthew B.
  16. Update College of Business By-Laws, per request from Interim Dean, May 5, 2014, Matthew B.
  17. Updated "Post Tenure Review, per GCSU Senate Motion 1314.FAPC.002.P, May 6, 2014, Matthew B.
  18. Updated the College of Health Sciences By-Laws, per COHS Dean, December 5, 2014, Matthew B.
  19. Update College of Business By-Laws, per request from Associate Dean, December 16, 2014, Matthew B.
  20. Updated, VoIP Telephony Communications, per request from CIO, January 26, 2015, Matthew B.
  21. Updated External Grants Approval Process, per request from OGSP Director, April 6, 2015, Matthew B.
  22. Updated "Standard Elements of a Course Syllabus", added Academic Grievance or Appeals, per request from Associate Provost, September 25, 2015, Matthew B.
  23. Updated "Faculty Awards", per request from Provost, October 26, 2015, Matthew B.
  24. Updated "New Program Proposals", Graduate program proposal workflow updated November 2015.  Approved by Graduate Council, Deans, and the Provost, November 23, 2015, Matthew B.
  25. Added GCSU Senate Motion 1314.RPIPC.004.P "Policy for the Development, Review, Revision and Archiving of University Policy"updated February 2016.  Approved University Senate, May 8, 2014, Matthew B.
  26. Added GCSU Senate Motion 1516.FAPC.003.P "Courtesy Adjunct Faculty Status" updated March 2016, Approved University Senate, Matthew B.
  27. Updated "Summer Semester Teaching Policy", Per request for Office of Internal Audit and Budget Office, Matthew B.
  28. Updated "College of Business By-Laws", April 2016, Per Associate Dean, Matthew B.
  29. Updated SRIS instructions per Senate Motion Number 1415.FAPC.003.P  Motion signed by President Steve Dorman on February 12, 2016, Matthew B.
  30. Updated "Post Tenure Review" per University Senate Motion Number: 1415.FAPC.002.P Motion Signed by President Steve Dorman May 17, 2016, Matthew B.
  31. Update "ARTICLE II: College of Arts and Sciences By-Laws – Standing Committees" per Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, August 23, 2016, Matthew B.
  32. Updated Link "Faculty Research Grants" per Director of Faculty Development, September 16, 2016.  Matthew B.
  33. Added "Protection of Minors" per University Senate Motion Number: 1617.RPIPC.003.P, March 3, 2017. Matthew B.
  34. Updated "Promotion Policies" per University Senate Motion Number: 1617.FAPC.002.P, March 21, 2017.  Matthew B.
  35. Updated "Tenure Policy" per University Senate Motion Number: 1617.FAPC.002.P, March 21, 2017.  Matthew B
  36. Updated Common Syllabus Statement per Univesity Senate Motion Number: 1617.APC.001.O, May 9, 2017 Matthew B.
  37. Updated College of Arts & Sciences Bylaws per Dean of College and Provost: May 22,2017 Matthew B.
  38. Updated "Special Course Fee, Procedure For" per Dean's Council: August 25, 2017, Matthew B.
  39. Updated "Faculty Research Grants" per Interim Director of CTL: August 25, 2017, Matthew B.
  40. Updated "Syllabus Requirements" added additional links per Provost: September 5, 2017
  41. Updated "Procedure to Establish Restructure or Rename an Academic Unit" per Provost March 5, 2017
  42. Update "Office Hours, Posting" per University Senate Motion of May 8, 2018, August 7, 2018