Policy Manual

Compensation, Faculty

Policy: Board of Regents Policy Manual Section 8.3.12, http://www.usg.edu/policymanual/section8/

Compensation for faculty is made in accordance with the policies of the Board of Regents adopted in January 1982. It reads as follows:

Consistent with Regents' policy on non-discrimination and with the approved purpose of the institution, each unit of the University System shall utilize specific criteria for the determination of entry-level salaries for full-time teaching faculty members employed at the ranks of Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor and for the determination of the extent of salary increases awarded to currently employed full-time faculty members.

  1. Each entry-level salary shall be determined on the basis of the specific requirements of the position and the qualifications of the individual employed to fill the position. Position criteria shall include: the academic rank, the academic discipline, the nature of the responsibilities to be performed, and meeting minimum SACS qualifications and other standards. Criteria related to the qualifications of the individual shall include: academic degrees earned, teaching and other relevant experience, research and publication record, academic achievements and honors, and relevant professional achievements or recognitions.
  2. Salary increases for full-time teaching faculty shall be awarded on the basis of merit. The criteria for the determination of the extent of such increases shall include: teaching ability, completion of significant professional development activities including the attainment of additional academic degrees, promotion in rank, seniority, research productivity, academic achievements and publications, academic honors and recognitions, relevant professional achievements and recognitions, and non-teaching services to the institution. Each institution shall identify specific criteria, consistent with this policy, upon which the determination of the extent of salary increases will be based. The institution shall also identify the methods by which the faculty member's performance will be evaluated for purpose of the determination of salary increases. Upon approval by the Chancellor, both the criteria and the evaluation methods shall be published in the faculty handbook of the institution.