Policy Manual

Professionalism in an Academic Setting for Faculty and Staff

Georgia College is committed to the creating a working and learning community that values Reason, Respect, and Responsibility. With that in mind, the academic community expects the following professional standards and behaviors to be demonstrated:

Integrity: Displays honesty in all situations and interactions; is able to identify information that is confidential and maintain its confidentiality.

Tolerance: Demonstrates ability to accept people and situations. Acknowledges his/her biases and does not allow them to affect teaching and learning, or contribute to threatening or harassing interactions with others.

Interpersonal relationships: Provides support and is empathetic in interactions with students. Interacts effectively with "difficult individuals." Demonstrates respect for and complements the roles of other professionals in the academic community. Is cooperative and earns respect.

Initiative: Independently identifies tasks to be performed to advance the institutional mission and makes sure that tasks are completed satisfactorily. Performs duties promptly and efficiently. Is willing to spend additional time and to assume new responsibilities. Recognizes when help is required and when to ask for guidance.

Dependability: Completes tasks promptly and well. Arrives on time and actively participates in appropriate departmental, collegiate, and university activities. Follows through, and is ethical and reliable.

Attitudes: Is actively concerned about the learning environment and seeks to maintain a positive outlook toward others and toward assigned tasks.

Function under stress: Maintains professional composure and exhibits good personal judgment in stressful situations. Identifies unprofessional conduct in others while recognizing the importance of maintaining professional behavior in the academic setting, in spite of inappropriate action on the part of others.

Deportment: Displays appropriate professional appearance, and maintains the safety and health standards of the profession.

Communication: Is mindful and respectful of the privacy of others. Is judicious when disclosing information about self or others in a public domain (e.g., posting information on personal websites such as My Space, Facebook). In addition, refrains from posting unprofessional statements or pictures that may be viewed by students, colleagues, or alumni.