Policy Manual

Filming and Photography on Campus Policy

Policy Statement

The Film and Photography policy applies to any third-party non-Georgia College affiliated group, company, or organization and to any individual, party, or company, including students, faculty, staff or members of the University, regardless of relationship. University Communications will protect the Georgia College brand and its reputation by requiring third-party groups to obtain prior approval before any third-party, non-Georgia College entity is authorized to use any space inside a classroom building, conference building, or outdoor space on campus for filming or photography. Restrictions include, but are not limited to, prohibiting filming during busy periods of the fall and spring semesters and the week of final exams. Other restrictions may also apply during the summer semester depending on campus activities or events.

Requests for film and photo shoots that do not distract from the business of education and other campus activities may be considered during the semester on a case-by-case basis. Requests from Georgia College students, student groups, departments, and cooperative and/or affiliated organizations for photography may be granted based upon the availability and approval of the location requested and the content and purpose of the shoot. Requests from commercial entities and non-profit organizations for filming and photography will be reviewed and consideration will be given to those productions that best complement our role as a public institution of higher education. Approved activities should be in alignment with our strategic goals, as well as complementary to the University’s well-respected brand.

Exceptions to the review process for implementing this policy are noted and only apply to those third-party groups that meet criteria listed in “Event Facilities” section under Definitions. These exceptions are intended to expedite and streamline the review process for those events that are requesting approval to be located in a single Event Facility for the duration of their film or photo shoot.


The following definition(s) apply to the terms as used in this Policy:

Academic Facilities

Classroom and lecture hall buildings whose primary function is for classes, study, research, and academics.


University-owned or leased buildings, grounds, and property including certain sidewalks and streets within campus boundaries.

Commercial Photographer

Any photographer who works for a commercial entity or takes photos for commercial use.

Event Facilities

Campus facilities whose primary function is to serve in an event hosting capacity including athletic venues. It is not the primary mission of these spaces to serve as a meeting space for academic classes or study areas.

Executive Review Committee

The Executive Review Committee (ERC), appointed by University Communications, reviews all filming and major photography requests to work on the Georgia College Campus with the exception of news organizations. University Communications reviews and coordinates on-campus visits by news organizations and reviews minor photography requests, to include one-day, same location photo shoots. (Rubric/guidelines – must review in line with GC policies and procedures) Iconic images. 

Film Production

Any for-profit or non-profit commercial, movie, episodic filming, television, episodic television, commercial, video, and documentary project.

Film Production Company

Filming company and its representatives. Any individual directly or indirectly involved with film production.

GC Filming Location Licensing Agreement

The Georgia College Filming Location License Agreement is the contractual agreement governing all filming on Campus for a specific film production.

GC Photography License Agreement

The Georgia College Photography License Agreement is the contractual agreement governing all commercial photography on Campus for a specific photo shoot.

Limited Scope - Minor Production. (For Event Facilities only)

Any production that lasts less than 48 hours from arrival to departure from campus and that is located in a single Event Facility for the duration of its film production or photo shoot. 





Photo Shoot

Reason for the Policy

This Policy is needed to protect the daily operations of education and other campus activities while looking for ways to support Georgia’s film industry and other requests that may promote the University’s reputation and brand.

The Policy will also serve to define boundaries and provide direction to guide commercial photographers and videographers who visit the Campus.

Proposed Outcome

This Policy aims to provide a systematic process for approving filming and photography on Campus, while ensuring continued integrity of the Georgia College brand.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to commercial photographers/videographers, which includes commercial videos, student films, festival or independent films, advertising, TV, and movies. Agreements are not required for outdoor wedding photography, as long as it does not disrupt regular GC business or academics. Wedding photography in one of our indoor spaces does require approval prior to use. For Governor’s Mansion, recording within the building must be approved by the Director.  The outside grounds are free and open to the public for photography and videography. Photography is allowed within the building; however, the use of flash is not permitted.    

News organizations, as defined by University Communications (UC), do not fall under this policy, but are required to coordinate on-campus visits through UC.

International film requests must also be reviewed by the Office of Legal Affairs.

For the purpose of this policy, campus facilities are divided into two sub-groups – Event Facilities and Academic Facilities.    

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I. Film and Photography Production

    A.  Scouting

Film coordinators may scout desired locations on campus through Facility Reservations. Visits to campus buildings must be coordinated with Facility Reservations. Entering campus buildings without prior authorization or interrupting classes is not permitted.

    B.  Script Approval

A copy of the film script or synopsis of the script with the specific portions of the script to be filmed on campus must be submitted to University Communications for review. Photographers must submit a proposal for commercial photography that includes how the images will be used. Private photography, such as photography for weddings and receptions that are located in a single Event Facility for the duration of their photo shoot, do not fall under this policy, although they must coordinate their shoot through Facility Reservations.

    C.  Submission of Application and Application Fee for Filming on Campus

If the script or script synopsis is approved by the Executive Review Committee, the film coordinators must then submit the Application for Filming and Photography to University Communications regardless of the venue for filming. The application must be submitted to Facility Reservations along with a $100 non-refundable application fee payable to Georgia College. The producer and/or pertinent film crew personnel will then be required to meet with the Executive Review Committee or University Communications, if applicable. Approval of the script and submitting the application and deposit does not ensure permission to film on campus. An executed license agreement is required prior to set up for filming on campus.

II.  Photography Requests

Commercial photographers should complete the Photo Shoot application to request a photo shoot. The photo shoot must be approved by University Communications. Photographers are not required to pay deposit fees. However, Commercial Photographers will be charged fees once a requested location is confirmed and dates and hours are scheduled. Photographers who are photographing buildings or landscaping projects that were contracted by Georgia College should contact Facility Reservations directly for assistance.

III. Staging/Holding Locations

With guidance of the Office of Parking and Transportation, and Facilities, the Film Production may request parking areas and staging locations for film crew and equipment vehicles. This includes space for food trucks and trailers for "talent."

IV. Parking and Transportation

The Office of Parking and Transportation is responsible for all uses of street and surface parking, as well as parking lots, owned or leased by the University. All plans involving any parking area owned or leased by Georgia College must be approved by the appropriate Parking and Transportation official, and must conform to state and local traffic laws, as well as University policies and procedures.

V.  Coordination with Georgia College Personnel

     A.  Scheduling

Facility Reservations will coordinate with appropriate administrators regarding film and photography requests.

     B.  Executive Review Committee (ERC) Evaluation

Academic courses, campus events, and other campus activities will have priority for any use of space. For filming in outdoor spaces and instructional spaces no less than six (6) weeks prior notice is required from start date. Filming can only take place in these spaces during breaks between semesters or during Spring Break. Photography in outdoor space and instructional spaces will depend on the logistics. The producer and/or pertinent film crew personnel must meet with the ERC to discuss the logistics of the film project including, but not limited to, dates, time, location, set-up, parking, security, insurance, and all details and procedures. During this evaluation, the committee will take into consideration the academic calendar, other campus events, construction projects, room maintenance, and any other projects taking place. The producer will be advised of campus policies and required procedures. Site drawings and set-up information requested by the Fire Marshal and University Police must be submitted and approved by the ERC before filming can take place. Producer must coordinate an effective plan for vehicles with Parking and Transportation. All issues must be resolved prior to final approval by the University President or his/her designee. (Cannot disturb normal operation of University); (contract - the images used can only be used for this production; productions that utilize GC students in educational ways will take priority guidelines)

     C.  Final approval rests with the University President or his/her designee.

     D. Temporary Changes to Campus Structures

Any plans for temporary changes to campus structures for production purposes inside buildings or outdoors on campus must be reviewed and approved by Facility Planning prior to any alterations, including, but not limited to, building sets on campus property. All issues must be resolved prior to final approval by the University President or his/her designee. Once the University approves the temporary change plan, the producer and/or film crew will be responsible for implementing the approved temporary structural changes and for returning the location and/or structure back to pre-filming condition, including costs or expenses associated with such implementation.  All property must be returned to original state and condition, at the cost of the photographer or videographer, prior to the end of filming or photography.

     E.  Operating Outside Normal Business Hours

Filming hours for Instructional Spaces are from 7:30 am-5:30 pm Monday through Friday.  Activities cannot interfere with the operations of the University nor interrupt instructional time. Any filming that requires the use of campus buildings after normal business hours, or on weekends will require special permission, over-time fees, and coordination with Facility Reservations, the area and building managers, and the Georgia College Police Department.

     F.  Insurance, Claims, and Property Control

Georgia College Insurance, Claims, and Property Control will determine insurance requirements for each Production held on campus in accordance with Board of Regents requirements. Certificates of insurance and approval must be provided before production or filming is permitted.

     G.  Public and Campus Safety

1. The Georgia College Police Department is required for the security of all campus property. City of Milledgeville permits are required for city street closures. Any private security company hired by the production company must report to and coordinate with the Georgia College Police.

2. The film producer is responsible for submitting all required site drawings and documents to the City Fire Marshal for prior approval four (4) weeks before setting up and filming can take place on campus.

VI. GC Filming and Photography License Agreements

A. The Georgia College Filming and Photography License Agreement is the contractual agreement governing all filming and photography on Campus, which all persons wishing to film or photograph on campus must sign. Whenever possible, Georgia College students should be utilized in an effort to support the University mission.

B.  Required Security Deposit for Classrooms and Outdoor space

1. The security deposit allows GC to deduct the cost of remedying any unintended damages to GC property. If there is no damage to GC property while filming, the security deposit is returned to the production company.

2. A $500 security deposit will be charged for films with estimated project fees expected to total less than $1,000. Payment is required upon execution of the Georgia College Filming License Agreement.

3. A $5,000 security deposit will be charged for films with estimated fees expected to total $1,000 or greater.

4. The security deposit will be returned within thirty (30) days from the completion of filming and after Georgia College staff has confirmed no damage has occurred to the campus due to filming. If damages are identified, costs to repair the damaged area will be charged against the deposit. GC reserves the right to retain the deposit to defray final fees and expenses.

C. Security Deposit and Use Fees for Athletic Recreation and Event Venues

Security deposits and use fees for conference and athletic spaces for filming or photography will be charged on an individual basis and is based on the amount of space used, time of use, and other services required.

D. Fees for Filming and Photography inside Classroom Buildings and for Outdoor Space Filming

1. Please see Facility Reservations website for more information on current fees. 

2. Additional fees for Georgia College Police, Parking, Catering, and Facilities support e.g., HVAC, electrician, maintenance or other support provided by Georgia College, will be included as an exhibit in the License Agreement.

3. Photography: Freelance photographers who work for, or represent commercial entities, and are approved for photography by UC, are not required to pay a deposit. An hourly rate will be charged for photography inside campus buildings or outdoors on campus. Dates, times, and locations must be coordinated through Facility Reservations.

E. Waste, Recycling and Removal from University Property

Upon completion of project, the film production will ensure all items relative to project in need of disposal are removed from campus and/or disposed of according to acceptable guidelines for disposal or recycling. Unless otherwise agreed, prior to filming, GC will not accept responsibility nor provide mechanisms, sites or resources for such removal or recycling.

F. Damage to University Property

1. Producer shall use reasonable care to prevent damage to campus premises and producer shall be responsible for any damage to the premises, including, but not limited to, damage to personal property, buildings, and equipment in and around campus caused by or incident to producer’s use of the campus, normal wear and tear excepted.

2. In the event that damage has occurred, the film production is responsible for returning the space to its normal condition. Normal condition will be based on photographic evidence of the space use prior to filming.

3. Students are responsible for removing themselves from large events where filming and/or photography is being conducted.  When the filming or production of featured/specialized stories are taking place, students can opt in to the events by sigining the Georgia College & State University Consent and Release form.  

VII. Non-Compliance

  1. Film productions and photography shoots that fail to comply with the policies and guidelines may be subject to the cancellation of the remainder of the project unless a mutually agreed upon solution can be reached. If a film or photography project is canceled due to behavior that is contrary to Georgia College policies and regulations, any pre-paid deposit will be non-refundable. Additionally, depending on how much time has elapsed, other fees that were charged may still be owed to Georgia College.

Creation Date:  April 2018

Revision Date: N/A

Last Reviewed Date: June 2018

Next Review Date: May 2020

Responsible Department:  University Communications

Cabinet Approval Date: July 2018

Effective Date: August 2018