Policy Manual


Authorized Use: Any scholarly activity, university business activity, or personal activity by an authorized user that does not violate any Federal or state law or university policy. Authorized Users: Faculty, staff currently employed by GCSU, currently enrolled students, or other individuals as approved by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or their designee.

Computing resources: Refers to and includes any and all forms of computer-related equipment, tools and intellectual property. This includes computer systems, personal computers and computer networks and all forms of software, firmware, operating software and application software, owned by the university or under the university's possession, custody or control.

E-mail: Electronic mail.

University Owned Computer (UOC): Any university-owned desktop, laptop computer, or hand held computer that is assigned to or used by an authorized user.

Personally Owned Computer (POC): Any desktop or laptop owned by an employee or student that is used on campus or in campus housing. GCSU recognizes that principles of academic freedom, shared governance, freedom of speech, and privacy of information hold important implications for computer-mediated communication in the university environment. Personal use of campus computers in offices, computer labs, library, and other areas is allowed within reasonable limits. Authorized users shall be made aware that they are using university equipment and/or resources and such use is a reflection of the institution. Authorized users shall be aware that that they are subject to all policies while personally owned computers are connected to the university's network.