Policy Manual


Academic Affairs

Specific forms related to Academic Affairs: http://intranet.gcsu.edu/academic-affairs/policies-procedures-and-practices-manual-forms 


Finance and Administration

Document Title Type Date Added
45 Day Exception Form .pdf 01/08/2015
Agency Account Agreement .doc 09/16/2008
Authorization for Use of GC Property Off Campus .doc 02/20/2007
Award / Prize Sheet .pdf 06/18/2009
Campus Phone .doc 04/02/2009 
Cell Phone Reimbursement .doc  04/02/2009 
Check Request (Previously Purchase and Check Request) .pdf 04/30/2015
Deposit Transmittal .doc 03/19/2015
Employee Discounts Policy .doc  07/08/2009 
Extra Compensation n/a  01/25/2014
Fee Request .doc  10/30/2008 
Fuel Card Expenditure .doc  10/31/2011 
Lapse Funding Request .doc  11/25/2013 
Moving Request doc  05/21/2013 
Petty Cash Application .pdf  03/26/2012 
Petty Cash Refund Voucher  .xls  07/07/2012 
Petty Cash Reimbursement Request .xls  01/22/2014 
Petty Cash Temporary Refund Voucher .xls 01/15/2013
Project Request .doc 05/29/2012 
Purchasing Card Account Summary .xls  08/25/2015 
Purchasing Card Cardholder Request .xls  03/16/2010 
Purchasing Card New Cardholder .doc  01/22/2014 
Purchasing Card Background / Credit Check .doc  01/22/2014 
Software Purchase .xls  01/22/2014 
Space Allocation Request .pdf  06/29/2012 
Tax Exempt Forms for Travel .pdf 02/27/2009 
Telecom Transmittal .xls 04/02/2009
Travel Advance - Group Travel .doc 01/06/2014
Travel Advance & Year-End Travel Encumbrance .doc 04/27/2016
Travel Expense Statement--Employee (Use if travel is after 1.1.16) .doc  01/05/2016
Travel Expense Statement--Non GC Employee (Use if travel dates are after 1.1.16) .doc 01/05/2016
Wireless Agreement - Personal Device .doc 04/07/2009
Wireless Agreement - University Issued Device .doc 03/27/2009
Wireless Devices Request .doc 04/02/2009

University Payment Forms

Document Title Type Date Added
Background Consent Form .pdf 02/08/2016
E-Verify Form .pdf 01/04/2016
Foreign National Information Request Form .doc 01/04/2016
Foreign Source Income Statement .doc 01/04/2016
Honoraria Eligibility Certification-Nonresident Alien .doc 01/04/2016
Honorarium Payment Request .pdf 01/08/2016
Independent Contractor Form .pdf 04/04/2016
Internship Form .pdf 09/14/2016
USG Dual Appointment Agreement .pdf 08/12/2016
Volunteer and Non-Paid Affiliate Registration Form .pdf 01/04/2016
W-9 (Blank) .pdf 01/04/2016

Extended University

Document Title Type Date Added
Facilities Reservation Request .url 12/04/2006 

Office of Human Resources

Please note: The forms for the Office of Human Resources are listed in the following categories: Benefits, Employment, Recruitment, Compensation and Employee Relations.

Benefits Forms

Document Title Type Date Added
ADAAA Accommodations Health Information Release Waiver .doc 05/02/2014
ADAAA Physician's Medical Request Form .doc 05/02/2014
Consent for Authorization for Use/Release of Health Information Form web 03/06/2015
Employee Service Recognition Form .pdf 07/15/2015
FMLA Leave Request Form .doc 03/31/2014
FMLA Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Helath Condition .pdf 05/02/2014
FMLA Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member's Serious Health Condition .pdf 05/02/2014
FMLA Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave .pdf 05/02/2014
FMLA Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Service member - for Military Family Leave .pdf 05/02/2014
FMLA Medical Evaluation - Return to Work web 03/31/2014
FMLA Faculty Request for Extension of Tenure Probationary Period web 03/31/2014
HRAP Continuous Svc Waiver Form .pdf 02/03/2016
ORP Vendor Allocation Change Form .pdf 04/05/2016
Salary Reduction Agreement Form - 403b, 457b, 401k .pdf 12/06/2016 
Shared Sick Leave Application: Request & Physicians's Certification Form web 03/31/2014
TRS ORP Retirement Election Form .pdf 04/25/2016
TRS Regents ORP Election Form 2015 .pdf 04/25/2016
Workers' Compensation Incident Report Form .doc 06/23/2015

Employment Forms

Document Title Type Date Added
Rehired Retiree Employment Application (All Systems) .pdf 10/26/2015
GC Relocation Expense Agreement .doc 02/26/2016
Security and Loyalty Oath .pdf 05/02/2014
Employee Separation Checklist .doc 06/24/2014
Personnel Action Form - Staff .pdf 02/15/2016
Personnel Action Form - Student .pdf 02/15/2016
Internal Posting Program .doc 03/31/2014
Oustanding Wages Beneficiary Designation .pdf 03/31/2014
Employee Handbook .pdf 07/24/2015

Recruitment Forms

Document Title Type Date Added
Background Check Form .pdf 08/07/2014
Extra Compensation Approval and Payment Request System (ECARS) web 03/31/2014
Knowledge Skills Ability Rubric (KSA) .pdf 04/08/2014

Compensation Forms

Compensation information can be found at www.gcsujobs.com/hr


Employee Relations

Document Title Type Date Added
Employee Accomodation Request Form .doc 11/06/2014
Leave of Absence Request Form .doc 08/05/2016
Six Month Probationary Evaluation Form - Hourly .doc  03/06/2015
Six Month Probationary Evaluation Form - Monthly .doc 03/06/2015
Request for Grievance Hearing Form web 03/06/2015
Motor Vehicle Driver Acknowledgement Form .pdf 01/14/2015
 Revised Performance Evaluation Forms Coming Soon        

 Legal Affairs

Document Title Type Date Added
Contract Routing Document .pdf 06/27/14
Georgia College Waiver .doc 06/27/14
Photo Release Form .doc 06/27/14 
Signature Lines for IT .doc 01/20/14 
Signature Lines for Student Affairs .doc 01/20/16
Signature Lines for the International Education Center .doc 01/20/16 
Signature Lines for University Advancement .doc 01/20/16
Signature Lines for the Provost .doc 01/20/16
Signature Lines for Finance and Administration .doc 01/20/16 
Talent Release Form .doc 06/27/14 
Terms & Conditions .doc 08/05/16
Travel Waiver .doc 06/27/14 


Document Title Type Date Added
Bi-Weekly Timesheet .pdf 06/24/14
Direct Deposit Form .doc 10/10/16
Federal Withholding Form web 07/09/14
Monthly Time Card .doc 06/24/14
State Tax Withholding Form .pdf 04/26/16


Document Title Type Date Added
2016 Donation Form .pdf 10/19/2016

Graduate Admissions


Application for Graduate Admission

"APPLICATION GRADUATE.pdf" [Adobe Acrobat]

Updated 23 January 2013

Conditional Registration Agreement for Graduate Students

"Cond. Reg. Agree.-grads_Revised.pdf" [Adobe Acrobat]

Updated 23 January 2013

Graduate Admissions Status Form

"Graduate Adm. Status 2012.pdf" [Adobe Acrobat]

Updated 23 January 2013

Registrar's Office

Specific forms related to the Registrar's Office:  http://www.gcsu.edu/registrar/forms.htm