Policy Manual

Computer Equipment and Software, Faculty and Staff Policy

1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

This document provides Georgia College & State University (GCSU) policy requirements to assure appropriate and equitable issuance to faculty and staff of basic computer technology equipment. This policy guides faculty and staff concerning acquisition, utilization and support of computer and peripheral needs and basic network access, as well as personal responsibilities of the employee and supervisor.

2 Purchasing

2.1 Pre-purchase Review Requirements

To ensure sound purchasing, supportability, appropriate pricing and assure security of the university's resources, the purchase of all GCSU technology equipment and software, regardless of the source of funds, shall be approved by the GCSU Division of Information Technology (IT) prior to purchase. Accessories and supplies, as defined in the IT Operational Procedures, may be purchased at the departmental level without prior approval. The Vice Chancellor/CIO of the University System of Georgia has delegated "approval authorization" to the GCSU Chief Information Officer (CIO) for all technology purchases with certain restrictions as specified in the Operational Procedures.

2.2 Receiving and Inventory

All technology purchases, excluding accessories and supplies, shall be delivered to the Division of Information Technology for examination, inventory and scheduled deployment except where financial or scheduling consideration would dictate another approach. Materials Management or Information Technology are required to track all inventory items over a value specified by the State of Georgia and University audit requirements.

2.3 Software

The University considers software piracy a serious offense. GCSU abides by legal requirements for licensing software. Only licensed software will be installed on University owned equipment. Waivers may be granted by the CIO for public domain and faculty developed software. In addition, individuals using personally owned computers (POC) on the campus must be able to provide license documentation when requested. In order to be able to comply with annual audits, the Division of Information Technology shall maintain the licensing documentation and original media of purchases made for campus-wide software configurations for labs and offices. The Division of Information Technology will be responsible for purchasing campus licenses for applications that are universally appropriate and included as part of the standard configuration as specified in the Information Technology Operational Procedures. Funding for individual and small group licenses shall be the responsibility of the purchasing entity. In order to be able to comply with audits, stay in compliance with software piracy rules, and to provide a software recovery mechanism for individuals and small groups, the purchasing entity shall be required to maintain the licensing documentation and original media of software purchases made for individual and small groups.

Software purchased through University purchasing shall not be installed on personally owned computers (POC) without approval by the Division of Information Technology. If a license agreement is not renewed, the application, if required by the agreement, must be removed from the computer on the expiration date of the license.

2.4 Hardware

The University, through the Division of Information Technology, shall provide each faculty and staff member, where appropriate, with a single standard configuration of equipment and software as specified in the Information Technology Operational Procedures. The current standard configuration describing the adopted platform(s) and software is available at www.gcsu.edu/technology/standard.htm. The standard configuration details are subject to change without notice based on system upgrades, licensing agreements and USG activities. Additional equipment and software, upgrades, and deviations from the standard configuration may be proposed for review. If endorsed, any additional funds necessary to cover price differences or support will be the responsibility of the purchasing entity.

2.5 Replacement Cycle and Redeployment

The University has established a computer replacement cycle with an exchange of each University supplied machine based on sufficient USG budget allocations, job equipment condition, budgeting and requirements. This cycle is defined in the Information Technology Operational Procedures. Where possible every opportunity to reuse or find new uses for retired computers on campus will be explored before equipment is retired.

3 Disposal

3.1 Disposal of Equipment

The University, through the Division of Information Technology, shall collect and dispose of all computing equipment and peripheral storage devices when they are deemed surplus.