Policy Manual

Domain Name System Procedure

The Division of Information Technology (IT) is the steward of the Georgia College & State University (GCSU) Campus network. In fulfilling that role, IT serves as the central point of contact for the outside world and has the responsibility to ensure that management of the University resource complies with applicable laws and regulations.

Information Technology (IT) provides Domain Name System (DNS) Information Management and Host Name or Domain Name Registration Service for selected organizations affiliated with GCSU. These services are provided under the terms and conditions specified in this Policy.


This Policy is enacted to conserve limited campus resources (such as IP address space, staff time, computer processing and memory resources), to ensure compliance with applicable laws, and University regulations.


Use of GCSU IP Addresses

Individuals who operate sites using GCSU IP addresses may use only IP addresses that have been registered and specifically assigned to them by IT.

Individuals whose unauthorized use of a university IP address leads to an IP address conflict that must be investigated by the IT may be responsible for time and material costs incurred by the IT.

DNS Information Management

The IT maintains DNS information for all connection within the gcsu.edu domain.

Host Name or Domain Name Registration Service

The term “domain name” may be substituted for “host name” within this section. Host names are assigned by the IT only for “gcsu.edu” domain locations. Hostnames are generally registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests will be reviewed within two (2) business days.


Registration is available for GCSU departments and for some GCSU affiliates approved by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or designee.


Eligible entities may request registration of hostnames of their choice by contact the SERVE helpdesk, providing the requested names:

  • comply with all University regulations;
  • are an initiative of their own department or organization or to a project managed by the department or organization;
  • do not imply affiliation with a campus unit or department with which the site is not affiliated; and
  • are not currently in use.

Host names are normally registered for immediate use. However, host names that meet the requirements of this section may also be registered in order to “reserve” them, either for future use or to prevent their use by others. Except for aliases and other non-address records, each host name must point to a valid GCSU address.

Each IP address referenced by a DNS address record must be uniquely associated with an official connection cable ID.

Host Name Alias Registration for Web Servers

Entities wishing to acquire a host name alias must contact the administrator for their web server. Host name aliases for web servers will be assigned by the IT only upon IT approval of a request from the web server administrator.

Other DNS Services and Policies

The University will only register a name outside of gcsu.edu if there is an intended and planned official use for that name.

Non-GCSU.edu Hostnames for University Sites

The IT will not register non-gcsu.edu host names that are not directly associated with the main university domain name.