Policy Manual

Interim and Acting Assignments

Reassignments as described in this policy shall normally be for no less than one month and no more than twelve months and shall only occur when the responsibilities being undertaken by the employee are those of another position that is vacant or because of temporary sufficient change in the duties and responsibilities of a filled position. A temporary pay increase may be made when a significant change in duties and responsibilities occurs. Such pay increases may only be made if funding is available. The pay increase should be consistent with additional responsibilities assigned and with university salary guidelines; and should be approved by the Director of Human Resources or designee. The pay increase should generally be at least the minimum of the salary range for the position for which the interim or acting appointment is made. The former rate of pay will be re-assigned when the interim or acting assignment is completed.

  • Acting Title: An 'acting' title is used if an administrator is absent or reassigned for a short period of time (usually three months or less). The absent administrator retains the responsibility of his/her position but delegates the authority to the 'acting' person.
  • Interim Title: An 'interim' title is used if an administrator resigns and a replacement is sought or if an administrator is absent for a longer period of time (usually exceeding three months). The 'interim' person has both the authority and responsibility of the office.

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