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The University System of Georgia supports an environment that values the pursuit of career mobility and encourages employees who express an interest, and have the abilities, to pursue appropriate vacancies to foster their career development. Toward that end, employees' efforts to transfer from one position to another will be supported.

An employee may apply for a posted position in another department or at another USG institution or the University System office or be identified for transfer when appropriate. Georgia College shall have the discretion to transfer an employee when deemed appropriate. For the purposes of this policy, there shall be two types of transfers as follows:

  1. Internal Transfer - The shift of an employee from one position to another of the same classification or to one with comparable skills and in the same general pay range in the same institution.
    1. The employee who is affected by an internal transfer shall continue all benefits uninterrupted.
    2. The employee will not restart the provisional period.
  2. External Transfer – The movement of an employee from a position at one institution within the University System to a position at another USG institution or to or from the University System Office. Since institutional compensation practices may differ due to market conditions, the transfer may be to a position at a different pay range but the provisions of this transfer policy shall apply.

In the event of an external transfer, accumulated sick leave, retirement benefits and service continuity will be transferred if the break in service does not exceed thirty (30) calendar days. When the external transfer occurs with no break in service, an employee must transfer accrued vacation leave of between one (1) and twenty (20) days. For employees with accrued vacation leave of greater than twenty (20) days, the employee may elect one of the following options:

  1. Transfer of the total accrued vacation balance, not to exceed forty-five (45) days.
  2. Payment by the institution from which the employee is moving of accrued vacation leave greater than twenty (20) days. The total accrued vacation leave for which the employee may be paid shall not exceed twenty-five (25) days.
  3. The transferring employee will restart the provisional period at the new location effective on the first day of employment and serve his/her first six (6) months in a provisional status, subject to all terms and conditions of the provisional period policy.

When an employee terminates from one institution and is then hired by another System institution, this shall not constitute an external transfer. If the termination and subsequent hiring occurs with less than thirty (30) days between the actions, the Chief Human Resources Officer of new employer may choose to treat such an action as an external transfer under this policy at his/her sole discretion.

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