Policy Manual

Other Benefits

Credit Union Membership

Georgia College employees are eligible to join the MidSouth Community Federal Credit Union, Membership is offered to employees but the University does not regulate or decide policy for the credit union which is operated by a separate board of directors.

Social Security

Terms, conditions, requirements, reservations, benefits, privileges, and other conditions of the Title II of the Social Security Act, as amended, shall apply to all officers and employees of Georgia College except those specifically excluded under the agreements with the Employees' Retirement System of Georgia providing coverage. Under agreements between the Employees' Retirement System of Georgia and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, Social Security coverage was extended to the following classes of employees:

  1. All employees eligible for the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia.
  2. All temporary, seasonal, or intermittent employees whose work hours are a normal full-time working period.

The following employees are not covered by Social Security: student assistants, graduate assistants, persons retired from the University System of Georgia, and employees appointed for a period of less than six months or working less than half-time covered by the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan. Non-immigrant aliens may be exempt, in accordance with the provisions of their visas. There shall be withheld from any salary or compensation due any compensation required to be withheld by the Act, whether computed in cash, quarters, subsistence, or in kind and reserved in an institutional agency account for quarterly remittance to the Employees' Retirement System of Georgia. Rules and regulations of the Employees' Retirement System of Georgia for administration of the Act shall be followed.

Unemployment Compensation

Regular employees of the University are covered by the provision of the Employment Security Act which guarantees continued income to employees who are separated from University employment through no fault of their own.

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