Policy Manual

New Employee Orientation

The Office of Human Resources will conduct an extensive orientation for new employees.The orientation program includes USG Ethics Policy training. All employees shall complete USG Ethics Policy training within 90 days of date of hire as mandated by the Board of Regents.

Each new employee shall be responsible for reading and familiarizing themselves with the contents of this policy manual. New employees are specifically responsible for understanding the following information:

  • Personnel policies and procedures;
  • Leave benefits, as applicable;
  • Insurance benefits, as applicable; and
  • Retirement benefits

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to provide orientation of the job for each new employee. This means explaining the nature of the job to be done and the usual work methods. This also includes an explanation of the duties and responsibilities of the position, the conditions of employment, the amount of compensation, and other work-related matters, as deemed appropriate by the employee's immediate supervisor. Any specific departmental policies, procedures, and regulations will be explained by the supervisor at that time.