Policy Manual

Reduction in Force

Georgia College is committed to providing stable employment for its employees; however, GC has the authority to determine the appropriate staffing levels to meet the mission of the institution. Georgia College may, in its sole discretion, add positions or change positions where necessary to meet the mission of the institution, and it may eliminate positions that are no longer critical to the mission of the institution. Situations such as lack of funding, lack of work, or reorganization may require a reduction in the workforce. In making such reductions, Georgia College will retain the staff necessary to preserve excellence. If the administration has determined that a workforce reduction will not occur for a particular situation, this policy shall not be utilized.

Generally, a reduction in workforce may be implemented for reasons that include the following:

  • A budget reduction and/or funding changes;
  • Programmatic changes that result in the elimination of or decrease in services;
  • Reorganization that results in a shifting of responsibilities or elimination of certain tasks altogether;
  • Business process improvements that change work to such an extent that a position(s) is no longer required; and
  • Other organizational changes that might prompt an adjustment to staffing needs.

In an effort to avoid reducing positions due to budget cuts or funding changes, Georgia College reserves the right to consider implementing a furlough or other such program to achieve the necessary budget reduction. Employees are to be terminated through a reduction in force only after examining other available alternatives. The provisions of this policy are not to be used to remove an employee if the sole cause is substandard performance, incompetence or misconduct. If the positions eliminated via this policy are reestablished within one year, the employees displaced should be given an opportunity to apply for the positions. The department must coordinate with the Office of Human Resources to ensure this communication occurs. The employee(s) shall also have the right, upon written request within twenty (20) days from the date of the final decision of the President to apply to the Board of Regents for a review of the President's decision in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws of the Board.

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