Policy Manual

Core Mission Statement For State Universities

In addition to the University's Vision Statement and Principles, the University's mission embraces the following principles from the Board of Regents' Core Mission Statement for State Universities:

The core characteristics include:

  • a commitment to a teaching/learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom, that sustains instructional excellence, serves a diverse and college prepared student body, promotes high levels of student achievement, offers academic assistance, and provides learning support programs for a limited student cohort;
  • a high quality general education program supporting a variety of disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and professional academic programming at the baccalaureate level, with selected master's and educational specialist degrees;
  • a commitment to public service, continuing education, technical assistance, and economic development activities that address the needs, improve the quality of life, and raise the educational level within the university's scope of influence;
  • a commitment to scholarly and creative work to enhance instructional effectiveness and to encourage faculty scholarly pursuits, and a commitment to applied research in selected areas of institutional strength and area need.