Policy Manual

Fiscal Misconduct

Georgia College is committed to the highest professional standards in administrative operations. Administrative officers and managers are responsible for guarding against fiscal irregularities and related misconduct and for ensuring the proper stewardship of resources entrusted to the University. Employees and students found to have engaged in fiscal or related misconduct will be subject to appropriate disciplinary actions.

Any suspected instance of fiscal misconduct should be reported to your direct supervisor, dean, vice president, Office of Internal Audit, or Office of Legal Affairs. Persons can also file a claim with the GC Ethics and Compliance Reporting Hotline; an independent third party experienced in collecting sensitive and confidential information. Any reported fiscal misconduct concerns brought to the Office of Internal Audit or Office of Legal Affairs will be followed through by the campus triage committee. Additional information concerning fiscal misconduct, hotline, or the triage committee can be found at the Office of Internal Audit or Office of Legal Affairs web site.