Policy Manual

Educational and Professional Leave

Leaves of absence of one year or less with or without pay may be granted by the President and reported to the Chancellor. Extensions of such leaves, or the initial granting of leaves of more than one year, require the approval of the Chancellor or his/her designee.

In considering a request for leave with pay, the President will follow the policy of the Board which states that such leave shall be granted only for the purposes of promoting scholarly work and encouraging professional development. The President will examine carefully the program or project on which the employee proposes to work, and will also consider the likelihood of the employee's being able to accomplish the purposes for which leave is requested. (It is expected that scholarly and professional leaves shall be granted without pay where the leave is supported by an external grant or stipend).

Georgia College may grant educational leave without pay to regular employees for periods not to exceed one year at a time for the purpose of encouraging professional development. Such approved leave shall allow the employee the right to elect to continue group insurance benefits with GCSU continuing its share of the cost. Annual and sick leave do not accrue while on any leave without pay.

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