Policy Manual


Georgia College observes twelve paid holidays each year. Holidays shall be awarded in addition to earned vacation time to regular employees and faculty working one-half time or more. In order to receive pay for the holidays, an employee must be in active pay status the day before and the day after the holiday. A terminating employee will not be paid for any official holiday occurring after the last working day of employment. (Per: USG HRAP Policy - Holidays and USG Policy Manual - 8.2.6 Holidays)

In the case of retirement or inter-institutional transfer, employees will receive pay for holidays occurring at the end of their final month of employment if in a paid status (work time, annual leave, sick leave, or other paid leave) on the last scheduled work day of the month. (Per USG HRAP Policy - Holidays)

Should an employee’s normal work schedule not include a holiday, that employee’s supervisor should schedule an alternate “holiday” to ensure the employee receives the “benefited” holiday time.  Non-exempt employees required and scheduled to work on holidays will receive regular pay in addition to the holiday pay. Holiday hours are not considered as time worked in the computation of overtime. Any time worked over 40 hours will follow FLSA overtime regulations. Part-time benefited employees are eligible for holiday pay on a pro-rated basis. Non-benefited employees are not eligible for holiday pay. (Per USG HRAP Policy - Variant Pay)

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