Policy Manual

Sick Leave with Pay

The University System of Georgia has established a policy to allow for sick leave with pay for all benefits eligible employees. For all regular full-time employees, sick leave shall be accumulated at the rate of one working day per calendar month of service. Regular part-time employees working one-half time or more will accumulate sick leave in an equivalent ratio to their percentage of time employed. Sick leave for employees shall be cumulative.

Sick leave may be granted upon approval by the supervisor/department head for an employee's absence for any of the following reasons:

  1. Illness or injury of the employee;
  2. Medical and dental treatment or consultation;
  3. Quarantine due to a contagious illness in the employee's household; or
  4. Illness, injury, or death in the employee's immediate family requiring the employee's presence.

Paid sick leave shall not be used until it is accrued. There is no maximum to the amount of sick leave an employee may accumulate.

If sick leave is claimed for a continuous period in excess of 3 or more days, a physician's statement is required to permit further claim of sick leave rights by the employee-patient.

A terminating employee shall not accumulate sick leave, be entitled to receive sick pay after the last working day of employment, or be entitled to monetary compensation for any unused sick leave.

Upon the movement of an employee among institutions of the University System, accumulated sick leave will be transferred if there is no actual break in service (no more than a thirty (30) calendar-day break).

Georgia College shall accept up to a maximum of ninety-six (96) hours of sick leave from a benefited employee who moves from a State of Georgia agency to the University. For a unit of the University System of Georgia to accept sick leave, the employee must have no more than a thirty (30) calendar-day break in service. Written verification of the employee's sick leave balance must be provided to the Office of Human Resources by the terminating State of Georgia agency.

Employees should realize that sick leave is not meant to be used simply to take additional time off the job. The use of sick leave is not to be abused.

In all cases, a day of sick leave will be computed for the purposes of pay and time off on the basis of the employee's regular workday.

Under an approved leave status, accrued annual/vacation leave may be used when all accrued sick leave is exhausted. Contact the Office of Human Resources for guidance on leave of absence procedures.

House Bill 203 has provisions to allow any member of Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRS) who retires July 1, 1998, or after to establish unused sick leave as a service credit under TRS. Retiring employees must have at least sixty days of sick leave accumulated on their retirement date. For each twenty days of sick leave accumulated and unused, a retiring employee will receive credit for one month of service under TRS. Sick leave credit can be used to qualify for retirement but cannot be used to become vested under TRS.

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