Policy Manual

Georgia College and State University Foundation, Inc. Expenditure Policy

The Georgia College & State University Foundation, Inc., is a charitable corporation [501(c)(3) organization] which receives and administers private contributions made in support of Georgia College & State University. Contributions to the Foundation are acknowledged as tax deductible to donors under the Internal Revenue Service Code.

All expenditures of Foundation funds must be consistent with the intention of the donor and mission of the University. While funds received are classified according to two general groups (restricted and unrestricted) for administrative purposes, this general policy applies for all disbursements, regardless of additional restrictions placed upon donor-restricted funds.

Scholarships and fellowship payments cannot be made directly to the individuals. All student scholarships, awards, and fellowships, whether paid from endowed or non-endowed accounts held by the Foundation, shall be directed through the University's Office of Financial Aid. The scholarship administrator will direct payment of these awards to the appropriate scholarship accounts held in the University's Business Office.