Policy Manual

Foundation Gift-in-Kind Form

Georgia College & State University Foundation, Inc.

Gift-In-Kind Form


Complete this form and submit to the GCSU Foundation within 24 hours of receipt of the gift.

Include copies of any correspondence relating to the receipt and value of gift.

Donor Information

 1. Donor Name: 


 2. Company Contact Name:


 3. Donor's Address: (Street)

 4. Donor's City, State, Zip Code:

 5. Name of Fund:

 6. Account Number:

 7. Date of Gift Received:

 8. Gift Valuation:

 9. Name of Individual Who Received Gift: (GCSU Employee)

 10. Department and Extension:

 11. Prepared By:

12. Extension: 

13. Date:

 14. Signature:

15. Title:

Allocation of Gift

Any Gift-In-Kind valued at $5,000 or more must be accompanied by an independent appraisal. Without this documentation, these Gifts-In-Kind will not be accepted.

 16. Donor's Valuation:


17. Custodial Location of Gift: 

 18. Appraised Valuation:



 19. Description of Gift:




Foundation Approval:

Please submit completed form to:

Advancement Services

CBX 113

208 Parks Hall



This form does not serve as a receipt for this contribution, but is intended for our internal record keeping purposes only. A receipt describing the items or merchandise donated will be mailed to the address supplied above. Georgia College & State University is unable to include the estimated value on the donor receipt. It is the responsibility of the donor to substantiate the fair market value for his/her own tax purposes. The donation of services, although very valuable and much appreciated, is generally not considered tax deductible by the IRS. Please consult with your tax advisor to determine the tax implications of your gift.