Policy Manual

Foundation and Alumni Data Information Request Form

GCSU Foundation

Information Service Request Form

Please fill out completely and be as specific as possible

Download and send to Advancement Services at CBX 113, fax it to 478-445-5084, or email to joi.thomas@gcsu.edu

For mailings, please include a draft of the mail piece

Part I: Request

To be Completed by Requester






Describe Information Needed/Recipient (s) for this Request


Intended Purpose for this Request:

□ Mailing  □ Report  □ Other:


Describe Output and Required Fields

(i.e. Name, Address, Phone number, Class year)


Priority: Urgent (1 day)

□ High (3 days) □ Medium (4 days) □ Low (5+ days)

Deadline Date

□ New Report/Output

□ One Time

□ Recurring:

Monthly, Weekly, Quarterly, etc.

□ Modify Existing Report

Report Name:

□ File Format Needed:

□ Excel Spreadsheet

□ Comma-Separated Value (.csv)

□ Other:


□ Deceased

□ Do Not Call

□ Do Not Mail

□ Do Not Solicit

Special Instructions/Comments:


Part II: Response

To be completed by Advancement Services

□ Accepted

Target Date

Assigned To


□ Accepted w/changes

Target Date

Proposed Changes


□ Decline

Reason for Decline

Accepted/Declined by

Date Accepted/Declined


Part III: Completion

Received by

Date Received

Completed by

Date Completed

Query, Report & File Names

Note: Please allow 3 business days for non-Mailing requests to be completed. Every effort will be made to complete your request within that time frame. Larger projects may require more time, and a mutually agreed upon deadline will be established. Please contact Joi Thomas (joi.thomas@gcsu.edu /445-8110) or Kim Taylor (kim.taylor@gcsu.edu/445-1891) if you have any questions.