Policy Manual

Public Art Policy

Policy Statement: 

Georgia College recognizes the importance of public art on our campus.  The acquisition, placement, maintenance, longevity and deaccessioning of any public art must be authorized, in writing, by the Chair of the Committee on Public Art in accordance with established procedures.



Public Art - Any work of art, commissioned or otherwise that is publicly accessible on the university campus, excluding gallery spaces.                  

Campus – Any property, building, and/or landscape assigned to Georgia College including leased space.

Curation – Conservation and preservation activities to preserve the artwork.

Deaccessioning – The procedure for formally removing a work of art from the University campus.

Maintenance – Routine cleaning and repair.

Ownership – Any permanent installation of public art will be considered part of the University’s permanent collection.

Permanent Installation – Any installation of public art anticipated to remain on site for the foreseeable life of the work.

Temporary Installation – Any installation of public art scheduled to be removed in the future.



Public Art, University Architect



Permanent Installation

Public Art

Temporary Installation


Reason for the Policy:

Policy and guidelines are essential in establishing procedures for the acquisition, placement, maintenance, longevity and deaccessioning of public art on the Georgia College campus.


Proposed Outcome:

The major outcome is to clarify the placement, maintenance, longevity and decommissioning/deaccessioning of any public art displayed at Georgia College.


Applicability of the Policy: 

This policy applies to all public art at the University. It is designed to provide more clarity to those who are involved in the placement, maintenance, longevity, and deaccessioning of any public art at the University.


Related Policies:




Committee Composition:


University Architect

University Historian

University Photographer

One Senate Representative

One Staff Council Representative

One Student Representative

One Art Department Representative

One Facilities Operation Representative

One Foundation Representative

One Library Representative

One Community Representative




The permanent location and temporary placement of Public Art on the Georgia College campus will be reviewed and approved by the Public Art Committee.  Individuals and organizations wishing to site a work on the campus can request committee action by submitting a Public Art Request Form.  Members of the committee are available to advise interested parties on potential locations at the committee’s monthly meeting or at a special called meeting upon request.  The committee has identified a number of potential sites for consideration.